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Safe, Effective, and Economical Migraine Therapy in Clinton Township & St. Clair Shores, MI

Safe, Effective, and Economical Migraine Therapy in Clinton Township & St. Clair Shores, MI

Migraines can be distressing. This neurological condition may leave you bedridden for days due to excruciating throbbing pain. Migraines are painful, harm your performance, and prevent you from leading a desirable life. Whether you are undergoing migraines or another underlying cause, the migraine specialists at Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants assist you in discovering the best migraine treatment plan in the Metro Detroit area in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, MI, restoring your wellness. With proven competence in migraine care and other comprehensive pain-relieving medicines, we ensure secure, effective, and well-sequenced solutions. Schedule an appointment between Monday to Friday, and get patient-centric care!

Helping You Recover from Pulsing Headache—Migraine

Helping You Recover from Pulsing Headache—Migraine

A migraine is a prevalent neurological disorder involving several sensations, most notably a throbbing, pulsating headache on one side of the head. Physical exertion, bright lights, loud noises, or strong smells worsen your migraine. Migraines frequently run in families. Migraine headaches can be terrible and disrupt your ability to work and perform other everyday tasks. At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, we lend a hand to you in controlling your migraine symptoms so you can recover faster with effect-driven migraine therapies! We offer personalized migraine treatments through an integrated effort and the latest technology. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, compassionate treatment that enhances life quality.

What Causes Migraines?

Variations in the concentration of the biological chemical serotonin may contribute to migraines. Serotonin affects blood vessels and has numerous physiological impacts. High serotonin levels cause blood arteries to narrow. These issues cause swelling and contribute to migraines. The association of migraine headaches with a widening pattern of electrical activity in the brain is another factor of migraine.

Migraines are the most common cause of persistent, incapacitating headache pain. Your ancestry may play a role in the development of migraines, which several things can bring on, including

  • Stress
  • Loud sounds
  • Intense aromas of particular foods
  • poor caliber of sleep
  • Hormone adjustments,
  • Use of specific drugs

Men and women both get migraines, but due to hormonal changes, particularly during pregnancy, delivery, and menopause, women may be more likely to experience recurrent headaches. You may also be more susceptible to migraines if your family suffers.

Accurate and On-time Diagnosis for Rapid Healing

A qualified neurologist diagnoses migraines based on your medical history. Sensations and a neurological examination even drive the diagnosis.

The following tests may rule out other reasons for discomfort if your ailment is unusual, complicated, or turn intense—

  • Scanning with Magnetic Resonance
    MRI scans aid medical professionals in diagnosing cancers, strokes, brain hemorrhages, infections, and other disorders affecting the neurological system and the brain.

Effective, Reliable, and Revolutionary Treatment Options for Migraines Management

At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, our doctors can advise making dietary and lifestyle adjustments to lessen stress and stave off migraines. You could require drug migraine therapy or injections if the severe pain interferes with your daily activities, such as work or relationships.

Cutting-edge migraine treatment options can be—

  • Oral Medicines
  • Cutting-edge Botox Injections
  • Injectable CGRP antibodies
  • Other Prophylactic drugs

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Our team prioritizes your wellness and offers the finest care and treatment solutions.

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Our expert team assures timely assessment, assists with lab tests, and has your greatest interests at heart.

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We offer the best patient care Monday through Friday serving the Metro Detroit area in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, MI!

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