Michigan Neurology Associates & PC – Patient Portal

Things You Can Do on Our Patient Portal

Things You Can Do on Our Patient Portal

Welcome to our patient portal, where you can take control of your healthcare journey with just a few clicks. Our online platform provides a secure and convenient way to access your health information, communicate with your healthcare providers, and manage your appointments and prescriptions.

Our patient portal empowers you to:

  • View and schedule appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • Update your personal information
  • Easily access your health information
  • Check your test results
  • Request your medical records
  • Send and receive secure messages to communicate with our physicians and staff

How to Get Started with Patient Portal?

Our patient portal offers convenient and secure online services to help you manage your healthcare needs more efficiently.

To get started, simply create your account by clicking on the registration link in our email. Once you're logged in, you can access the various features of our patient portal, including:

  • Scheduling appointments with your physician
  • Requesting prescription refills
  • Updating your personal information
  • Viewing your medical records and test results
  • Communicating with our physicians and staff via secure messaging

If you need help navigating the patient portal, please refer to our user guide or contact our support team for assistance. We aim to make your healthcare journey as smooth and seamless as possible.

However, please note that in case of a medical emergency, you should immediately dial 911 or your local emergency number for immediate assistance. Our patient portal is not intended for emergencies.

Thank you for choosing Michigan Neurology Associates PC, and we look forward to serving you through our patient portal.

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