Get Professional Treatment for Radiculopathy in the Metro Detroit area - Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, MI

Radiculopathy Treatment at MNA & PC

Radiculopathy Treatment at MNA & PC

Radiculopathy refers to when spinal nerve roots are involved in a disease state. This commonly involves compression or crowding at the spinal exit sites, causing pain, weakness, or numbness. It occurs when the discs or bones in the spine press on the nerves. Treatment involves relieving pressure on the affected nerves through physical therapy, medications, or, in severe cases, surgery. Managing symptoms and addressing the root cause is crucial for effective radiculopathy treatment and improved functioning.

At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, we offer high-quality essential radiculopathy treatment to patients serving the Metro Detroit area in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, MI, and surrounding areas. We are open every weekday (from Monday to Friday) to ensure a quick diagnosis and treatment for your needs.

What Are the Causes of Radiculopathy?

What Are the Causes of Radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy, a condition causing pain, numbness, or weakness due to inflamed nerve roots, can arise from various factors. Here are some common causes:

  • Herniated Discs: Discs that bulge or herniate can put pressure on nerve roots or exude foreign inflammatory disc material, causing radiculopathy. This may result in discomfort, sensory disturbance, weakness, or lost reflexes.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease: As we age, discs naturally wear down, potentially leading to nerve compression.
  • Spinal Stenosis: Narrowing the spinal canal can pressure nerve roots.
  • Bone Spurs: Overgrown bones encroach on nerve space, resulting in radiculopathy.
  • Trauma or Injury: Spinal accidents, fractures, or dislocations can compress nerve roots.
  • Tumors: Abnormal growths in or around the spine exert pressure on nerve roots.

What Are the Symptoms of Radiculopathy?

Experiencing radiculopathy involves various signs that indicate concerns with the nerves in the spine. Here are some common radiculopathy symptoms:

  • Pain: Radiating pain, where discomfort spreads from the spine, and localized pain is common. Numbness and tingling sensations may also be present.
  • Pins and Needles Sensation: Loss of sensation, akin to a "pins and needles" feeling, may occur, especially in the arms or legs.
  • Muscle Weakness: Reduced strength and difficulties in lifting or holding objects may be noticed, indicating muscle weakness related to nerve problems.
  • Reflex Changes: Reflexes controlled by affected nerves may change, leading to diminished reflexes or hyperreflexia, where reflexes become overly responsive.
  • Radicular Pain Patterns: Radiculopathy can cause distinct pain patterns, such as cervical radiculopathy (neck), thoracic radiculopathy (mid-back), or lumbar radiculopathy (lower back).
  • Worsening Symptoms with Movement: Symptoms might worsen with specific activities, indicating an aggravation of discomfort during movement.
  • Bowel or Bladder Dysfunction (in severe cases): In severe cases, there could be a loss of bowel or bladder control, highlighting the urgency of seeking medical attention.

How Many Types of Radiculopathy Are There?

Radiculopathy is when there's a problem with the nerves exiting the spine, causing pain, weakness, or numbness. There are different types of radiculopathy, each affecting different parts of the spine. Here are three main types:

  • Cervical Radiculopathy: This happens in the neck area, and it can cause pain, numbness, or weakness in the arms or hands. It occurs when pressure on the nerves in the cervical (neck) region of the spine occurs.
  • Thoracic Radiculopathy: This type affects the upper and middle parts of the back. It's less common than cervical or lumbar radiculopathy, and symptoms might include pain or discomfort in the chest or upper abdomen.
  • Lumbar Radiculopathy: This occurs in the lower back. It often leads to pain, tingling, or weakness in the legs or feet. This happens when there's pressure on the nerves in the lumbar (lower back) region of the spine.

What Treatments and Diagnosis Are Available for Radiculopathy?

We understand dealing with radiculopathy can be challenging. To help you, we have various methods for diagnosis and treatment:

  • Imaging Techniques for Diagnosis: Our team uses advanced MRI imaging techniques to get a detailed view of your spine, helping us identify any structural cause of nerve root function.
  • EMG/NCV testing is a very sensitive diagnostic modality to confirm nerve root health.
  • Non-Surgical Treatment: via targeted, x-ray guided pain injections.
  • Physical Therapy: Our experts design personalized exercises and stretches to alleviate nerve pressure, improve strength, and enhance flexibility.
  • Medications: We may prescribe pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, or muscle relaxants to manage and alleviate your symptoms.
  • Surgical Treatment: If non-surgical options don’t provide relief, we discuss surgical interventions to address nerve compression and tackle the root cause.

How Is Radiculopathy Prevented?

Preventing radiculopathy involves taking care of your spine and overall health. Here are some simple steps you can follow:

  • Be mindful of your posture, whether sitting or standing, to reduce strain on your spine.
  • Exercise regularly to strengthen your back and lift things correctly with the correct body mechanics (ergonomics).
  • Take breaks from sitting, manage your weight, and quit smoking for a healthier spine.
  • Set up an ergonomic workspace and schedule regular check-ups with your healthcare provider.

Why Choose Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants for Radiculopathy Treatment?

At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, we are committed to providing exceptional healthcare services for radiculopathy patients across Michigan and surrounding areas. Here is why we are the right choice for your radiculopathy treatment:

  • Specialized Expertise: Our experts are dedicated to addressing radiculopathy with personalized care.
  • Advanced Treatment Options: We use top-notch technology for treatment plans tailored to your needs.
  • Trials and Research: You can access new therapies through ongoing trials.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Our team of specialists collaborates for your complete care.
  • Compassionate Support: We're here for your emotional needs alongside medical care.
  • Comprehensive Follow-Up: We check your progress post-treatment for continued care.
  • Proven Track Record: We've successfully managed various conditions, including radiculopathy, for reliable outcomes.
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