Notice of Privacy Practices for Protected Health Information (HIPAA)

How We Collect Information About You

The Michigan Neurology Associates & PC team gathers information using multiple channels such as letters, phone calls, emails, voicemails, and application submissions. This data collection may be mandatory by law or necessary to process requests for assistance from our organization.

How Is Your Information Protected with Us?

Any financial or medical information provided to us in writing, via email, on the phone, or through applications is kept confidential. We do not share, exchange, rent, sell, lend, or disclose any patient or client information legally restricted or restricted explicitly by a patient/client in a signed HIPAA consent form. Rest assured that any information you provide is held in the strictest confidence.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We use your information solely to process your application or provide health and counseling services that may require communication with healthcare providers, medical product or service providers, pharmacies, insurance companies, and other necessary providers to verify the accuracy of your medical information and determine the appropriate medical supplies or services you require. This may include obtaining or purchasing medical supplies, devices, medications, or insurance.

However, if you provide information with the intent or purpose of fraud, or if your actions demonstrate attempted fraud, your non-medical information may be disclosed to legal authorities such as police, investigators, courts, attorneys, or other legal professionals, as permitted by law.

Restricted Use of Non-Identifying Personal Information

Michigan Neurology Associates & PC, you shall become the sole owner of such materials upon receiving any pictures, stories, letters, biographies, correspondence, or thank you notes from clients. We may use non-identifying information about our clients for promotional and fundraising activities that align with our mission. We do not offer any compensation to clients for using such information. Without the client's express permission, we shall not disclose identifying information, such as photos, contact information, addresses, or last names.

We respect the privacy of our clients, and no identifying information or photos will be used publicly without their direct or indirect consent. However, clients may choose to restrict the use of any of their data for promotional purposes by indicating this in writing. At Michigan Neurology Associates & PC, we prioritize our clients' privacy and uphold their confidentiality in all our activities.

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