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If you’re one of the 3.4 million Americans with epilepsy, the experienced neurologists at Michigan Neurology Associates & PC offer comprehensive, compassionate care to determine the cause of your spells and to help you manage the disease. At their locations throughout the Metro Detroit area in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, and Utica, Michigan, the board-certified medical team works closely with you to find the best solutions for achieving optimal control of seizures and improving your overall quality of life. Learn more about available epilepsy treatments by scheduling an appointment online or by phone today.

Epilepsy Q & A

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy, or seizure disorder, is a neurological condition that causes unpredictable excessive electrical discharges of part or all of the brain and other health complications. Seizures may be provoked or associated with epilepsy as a result of an injury in your brain or be due to a genetic abnormality.

These seizures affect individuals differently and cause a variety of unusual sensations and behaviors, including:

  • Confusion
  • Blank staring (daydreaming)
  • Loss of awareness
  • Uncontrolled limb movements

In the moments leading up to a seizure or after it resolves, you may also experience emotional and mental changes, such as panic, fear, and déjà vu, the sensation that you’ve already experienced your current situation before.

The severity of a seizure is often unpredictable and depends on the type of seizure and brain area involved.

How is epilepsy diagnosed?

The experienced Neurologists at Michigan Neurology Associates & PC conduct a thorough neurological exam. They test motor function, mental health, and a description or video of your behaviors to confirm an accurate diagnosis of epilepsy. If you experience two or more seizures that aren’t related to another medical condition, chronic anti-epileptic drugs (AED’s) may be recommended.

You may also need to undergo diagnostic testing to rule out underlying medical conditions. Your physician can perform an electroencephalogram (EEG), which uses electrodes to record the surface electrical activity of your brain. Certain brain wave patterns can identify epilepsy, even when you’re not having a seizure. MNA offers routine 1 hour EEG’s, 24/48/72 hour Ambulatory EEG’s or 3-day in-patient Epilepsy Monitoring stays to confirm what is going on.

What treatments are available for epilepsy?

Because epilepsy affects individuals differently, the skilled neurologists at Michigan Neurology Associates & PC create a custom treatment plan that focuses on your overall health.

Initially, your physician may recommend medications to reduce the frequency and severity of your seizures. Identifying the right dosage and choice or combination of drugs for your needs can take some time, but your Michigan Neurology Associates & PC provider works closely with you to ensure treatment is successful.

In addition to medications, your physician may recommend changes to your diet, such as following a low-carb, high-fat meal plan. This type of plan is known as a ketogenic diet, where your body breaks down fats instead of carbs for energy.

The goal of treatment is to reduce seizures and prevent injuries and other related health complications. In situations where the epilepsy is difficult to control with medications alone, epilepsy surgery, implanted vagus nerve stimulators or other intracranial devices may be considered.

If you already struggle with seizures or need a diagnosis for your symptoms, schedule an appointment at Michigan Neurology Associates & PC online or by phone today.