The Most Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment in the Metro Detroit area in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, MI

At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, we offer the best possible medical care and assistance for Alzheimer’s patients’ health and wellness.

In-House Therapy Center

Alzheimer’s patients can receive on-site physiotherapy for improved mobility.

Comprehensive On-Site Lab Service

Ensures effective and prompt diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Online Check-in Facility

Patients don’t need to wait for hours to get seen.

Friendly and Compassionate Staff

Patients can develop a quick rapport with providers.

20+ Exams Rooms

Ensures the smooth conduct of multiple examinations and procedures simultaneously.

Ambulatory Surgery Settings

Patients can get their surgery done without being hospitalized.

Treat Your Physical and Mental Decline with Our Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Specialists

Treat Your Physical and Mental Decline with Our Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Specialists

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic yet progressive brain disorder that begins with mental decline. Leaving it untreated for a long period can aggravate the condition, causing physical decline that affects your movement and balance. That’s why it is crucial to have it diagnosed and treated on time.

At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, you can be assured of receiving top-notch medical attention for Alzheimer’s disease from our specialists. To ensure prompt care in your time of need, we are open on all weekdays (from Monday to Friday) in the Metro Detroit area in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, MI. So, let us help you get better and live your life to the fullest.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease shrinks the brain, causing the brain cells to die. This leads to impaired cognitive functions. As the disease progresses, it can cause serious memory problems, impacting your ability to perform the activities of your daily life. Though Alzheimer’s disease has no cure, treatment, and ongoing care can help manage its symptoms and slow down the progression of the condition.

What Are the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

The first sign of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss, which is characterized by difficulties in remembering recent activities or specific events. Over time, this memory loss progresses, making it difficult for you to keep your thoughts organized, remember major events of your life, or recognize people you know.

Other common Alzheimer’s disease symptoms include:

  • Personality changes
  • Aggressiveness
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Mood swings

The later stages of the disease may also cause distrust of other people and delusions.

How Is Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosed?

We will review your symptoms and ask you some questions to test your memory and thinking skills. If we suspect or find any abnormalities in your behavior or cognitive functioning, we will proceed with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, which includes:

  • Neurological Exam - We will check your senses of light and touch, balance, reflexes, muscle strength and tone, and coordination to examine your nervous system functioning.
  • Blood Test - To check for other conditions/causes that result in confusion and memory loss, including vitamin deficiency and thyroid disorders. It may also be used to measure beta-amyloid and tau protein levels, as the abnormal build-up of these proteins in and around brain cells is considered to be the cause of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Imaging Test - We may order a CT or MRI scan to determine other conditions that cause memory loss, such as a brain tumor, stroke, or head injuries.

What Treatments Are Available for Alzheimer’s Disease?

We may recommend any of the following treatments to help manage your Alzheimer’s symptoms:


  • Cholinesterase Inhibitors - To enhance cell-to-cell communication, improving symptoms.
  • Memantine (Namenda) - To slow the progression of moderate to severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Coping and Support

We will also help establish routines that help you:

  • Prevent losing crucial things, such as mobile phones, keys, and money
  • Stay organized at home, reducing the risk of slip injuries and confusion

Dietary Changes

We will recommend the following:

  • Foods that are nutritious and easy to eat
  • Water and other healthy beverages (but avoid caffeine as it increases restlessness, causing difficulty sleeping and frequent urination)
  • Milkshakes and smoothies that are rich in calories and proteins (it is a good choice when eating becomes difficult)

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists can help you practice simple exercises and stretches to improve your:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Muscle strength and tone
  • Overall mobility and functionality

Psychological Consultation

We will offer psychological counseling to address the mental and emotional impacts of Alzheimer’s disease, such as anxiety and depression.

Why Choose Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants for Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment?

At Michigan Neurology Associates & Pain Consultants, we are committed to providing exceptional healthcare services for Alzheimer’s patients across MI and surrounding areas. Here is why we are the right choice for your Alzheimer’s treatment:

  • Comprehensive Care - We offer all-round care for Alzheimer’s disease under one roof, from diagnosis to filling prescriptions, so you don’t need to move around pointlessly.
  • Technical Advancement - With state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, medical equipment, and treatment facilities, we ensure the highest standard of care for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Best Doctor and Staff - We have board-certified Alzheimer’s specialists and support staff to offer hassle-free treatment.
  • Convenient Locations - We are conveniently located in Michigan to help you find us in no time.
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