About Mrs. Jennifer Ayotte

Jennifer Ayotte

Mrs. Jennifer Ayotte graduated on the Dean’s List from Wayne State University in 2013 and is fully licensed in the State of Michigan. Her concentration was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She selected various electives to round out her education which included interpersonal practice in substance abuse, effects of drugs and alcohol, couples therapy, and social functioning of human sexuality. She has continued her education with many workshops provided by Macomb County Community Mental Health such as Chronic Anxiety, Motivational Interviewing, and Addiction and the Brain. She has nine years of experience working for over six years as a support coordinator in Macomb County where after, assessing patients’ needs, she was instrumental in linking them to the various local social services they required. She also worked as a behavioral therapist, providing Behavioral Intervention plans and training clients and their families in implementing interventions. As a Therapist at a Clinic catering to chronic pain, depression, and anxiety she provided Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for this clientele as well.

She can assist you with developing a person-centered, strength-based plan in order to have a clear path on what goals you would like to work on and the steps to achieve those goals. These types of satisfying nonmedication therapies should nicely complement the services our patients require.

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