An ENG, electronystagmography, is a test used to detect nystagmus (rapid eye movement). It helps evaluate patients with vertigo, hearing loss, or vision problems. The eye is stimulated by electrodes to measure whether or not nystagmus occurs or if a problem may exist within the brain, inner ear, or the nerves that supply it.


In preparation for your ENG, the doctor may ask that you avoid drinking caffeine, fast for a short period of time, or stop taking any medication that may interfere with your ENG.

Before the test, it is likely that your ears will be cleaned of wax, and your face will be prepped for the electrodes. The electrodes will be placed on your forehead using paste, and they will feed information into a recorder during the procedure, allowing your doctor to read the results.

Your will be observed after the test for any dizziness or nausea. There are minimal risks associated with ENGs, and your doctor will instruct you on proper aftercare.

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