An EGG, electroencephalogram, is a test used to detect activity in your brain. Electrodes are placed on your scalp to detect electrical impulses, and these impulses are recorded as waves . An EEG may be used to test for epilepsy or other brain disorders such as tumors, inflammation, sleep disorders, and stroke.


EEGs are typically painless and should not cause any side effects. For the best results, make sure to wash your hair prior to your appointment and avoid using any hair product. This helps the electrodes stick to your scalp. Your doctor may ask that you avoid drinking caffeine on the day of your EEG.

During the test, electrodes will be attached to your scalp by a technician. You may be asked to perform basic tasks during the procedure, like reading or opening and closing your eyes. An EEG typically lasts around 60 minutes. Unless otherwise instructed, you should be able to return to normal activity shortly after.

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