Living With and Managing Chronic Headache Pain

You’ve tried to “tough it out” when it comes to the all too frequent headaches you endure. The incessant pain and pounding are enough to drive anyone mad. Don’t allow yourself to reach the end of your rope before you seek help.

Our team at Michigan Neurology Associates (MNA) has years of experience treating chronic headache pain. We treat you as an individual and analyze your headache history and patterns. Then, we design a treatment plan specifically for you.

It’s about time you stop living with pain, don’t you think?

Signs you suffer from chronic headaches

It’s normal to get a headache once in a while. Headaches become less normal when you're affected 15 or more days each month for a period of at least three months. When your headaches happen daily or weekly it's categorized as chronic pain. 

Chronic headache pain can derail you from enjoying coffee with your friends or acing your work presentation. The constant discomfort and soreness make every day more of a challenge. 

Are there different types of chronic headaches?

Yes, and the first thing your MNA specialist will do is distinguish which type is affecting you:

Chronic headaches typically last four hours or more. Some of the symptoms overlap, so it’s important to be evaluated by a clinician.

What causes chronic headaches?

Unfortunately, there's little scientific evidence on the specific causes of chronic headaches. That's why it's a good idea to keep a headache log. Not only will it help you understand your symptoms, but it'll provide us with a detailed record of your headache history.

Sometimes diets and daily activities can cause headache pain. Changing your lifestyle might help lessen headache frequency. We can help determine whether you need to make changes and how to do so. 

Innovative treatment options for chronic headaches

Depending on what type of chronic headache you’re diagnosed with, we can start treating it with a host of effective clinical tools. Exciting cutting-edge treatment options include:

For chronic migraines:

For non-migraine chronic headaches:

Let us help you manage and banish your chronic pain

Visit one of our four convenient MNA locations to learn about the ways our caring team can help you. Remember, you don’t have to feel helpless when frequent headaches strike.

Get the ball rolling toward more pain-free days. Call us to schedule a consultation or simply book an appointment online.

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